Meeting Policies

Below you’ll find answers to your questions about catering, meetings and event services at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course near Harrisburg, Pa.
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Your Questions Answered

General Information
Plan a menu especially for your event with the help of our expert culinary staff. We can accommodate any dietary or religious restrictions.  

Please submit banquet menus, room set-up arrangements and other details pertaining to your event to the Catering Sales Department three weeks prior to your event. 

Due to licensing requirements and quality control issues, all food served on the casino property must be supplied by the casino and may not be removed from the casino property.

Menu Pricing
Prices on the banquet menus are confirmed for ninety (90) days prior to the event only. Prices agreed to on a signed banquet event order are binding.

Sales Price and Service Charge
The current Pennsylvania sales tax is 6% and Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course’s service charge is 20%. Taxes and service charges apply to your menu selections unless otherwise noted.

Beverage Service
The Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course holds a license granted by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and is held responsible for complying with its regulations. Therefore, neither customers nor guests shall be allowed to bring alcoholic beverages to Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course. 

The casino reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages at all times to anyone. 

All beverage pricing is subject to the casino’s 20% service charge. A $100 bartender fee per bar for three hours will apply for all cash bars. An additional fee of $50 for the fourth hour will apply per bartender.

The casino provides one bartender for every 100 guests, bartenders requested beyond this average will be charged a rate of $100 each for three hours and $50 for each additional hour.

Guarantees and Payment Policies
The exact number of persons attending all banquet meal functions must be specified by 10 a.m. at least three business days (72 hours) in advance of the function. This number will be considered a guarantee not subject to reduction.

If the guarantee is not given to the Catering Department three business days in advance, we will consider the last estimated number as the guarantee for the function. We set and prepare for 3% over the guarantee.

Deposit and payment schedules will be established by your Catering Manager and detailed on your event contract.  Functions are not considered definite until a client-signed contract is counter signed by an authorized representative from the casino as well as any required deposits, as outlined in the contract, are received. 

Any function which cancels less than 14 days prior to the event, will be subject to cancellation fees equal to full room rental and meal guarantee.

Function Rooms
Function rooms are assigned according to the anticipated number of guests. The casino reserves the right to relocate functions to another room if guaranteed numbers are significantly higher or lower than the original estimated count.

All banquet rooms are non-smoking.

Customer Conduct
Customers agree to be responsible and reimburse Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course for any damages done to the casino during an event, including costs for excessive cleanup made necessary by the customer, customer’s guests, florists, decorators or other outside agencies.

The casino does not permit anything to be affixed to the walls, floors or ceilings of the rooms with nails, staples, tape or any other substance unless approved in advance. 

Signs, banners and displays must be professionally printed and are permitted in the specified banquet function spaces only. 

Any property of the customer or the customer’s guests brought on to the premises of Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course and left at the conclusion of the event thereon shall be at the sole risk of the customer. The casino will not be liable for any loss or damage to such property for any reason.

Outside Vendors
A preferred vendor list is available that contains reputable and reliable companies that the casino has worked with on past events. Such companies offer services including floral design, photography, transportation, linen rentals and entertainment.

Groups may choose to hire any vendor they wish and are not required to use any of the casino’s preferred vendors. Arrangements with any outside vendors will be directly through the customer. All vendors must enter the casino via designated areas as assigned by the Catering Manager. Delivery and/or setup time must be coordinated with the casino in advance.

The customer expressly agrees that no member of the customer’s event, including any guest attending such event, shall in any means solicit any patron or employee while on casino property.  The prohibition against solicitation includes, but is not limited to, disseminating printed materials, business cards, and political or religious propaganda.  A breach of this provision shall be deemed as a material breach, and at the discretion of the casino may lead to the cancellation of the remainder of the event, with no refund to the customer.