How to Bet (for the absolute beginner)

You can wager at a Self Service terminal or with a Mutuel Teller.  In either case the process is the same. You need to know the following information, and be ready to present it in the order listed.

1. The name of the track you want to wager on.

2. The number of race you want to wager on.

3. The dollar amount of your wager.

4. The type of wager you would like.

5. The number (not the name) of the horse(s) you would like to wager on.

Basic bet types

These bets are available on all races unless specified otherwise

WIN:      You collect if your horse is the official winner of the race. 

PLACE:  A place wager collects if your horse finishes in either first or second position.

SHOW:   A show wager collects if your horse finishes in either first, second or third position.

DAILY DOUBLE: The challenge is to pick the winners of two designated consecutive races.  For Penn National it is available for the 1st, 5th, and 8th races.

More Information

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